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Kuusijärvi Service Buildings

Together with Architecture and Design Studio Talli, we have created plans for the shores of Lake Kuusijärvi in Vantaa, Finland, enhancing the area's outdoor opportunities with new buildings. The project encompasses the design of two smoke saunas and a dressing room and shower building, which are situated on the slope right by the shores of Lake Kuusijärvi. Additionally, the plans include an information kiosk, a public restroom, a building for entrepreneurs offering rental equipment, and a maintenance building.

Sustainability, beauty, and quality are at the forefront of the design. The new buildings respect the existing building stock of the area and the surrounding nature. Dark tones blend into the landscape, and modern wooden architecture merges with traditional materials such as logs and green roofs. Materials in both indoor and outdoor spaces create a cohesive look, with accessibility being a key consideration in the design. Beautiful lake views greet sauna-goers from the interior spaces, fostering an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Preserving the existing trees and terrain on the plot as much as possible is a priority in the design, offering users a sustainable and comfortable environment.

Altogether circa 630 m²

Kuninkaanmäki, Vantaa


In collaboration with Talli Architects

Mer Architects: Jenni Hölttä, Julia Hertell, Kaisa Riippi and Felipe Diaz

Talli Architects: Minna Lukander

Visualization: Felipe Diaz, Mer Architects

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