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Villa H

Villa H is located in a beautiful forest slope by the sea. Prior to construction, a run-down apartment building in its place was demolished. However, a preserved outbuilding from the 1920’s and a boathouse down the slope remain as historical layers on site.  


Despite its contemporary qualities Villa H maintains a dialogue with the existing buildings, and together they form a new whole on the building site. Partly submerged in the sloping ground to camouflage its true size, Villa H enriched with with cuts which form a welcoming entrance canopy and a patio for enjoying the evening sun. The main lounge frames a view north over the sea towards the Vuosaari skyline.


The slope and the shoreline are kept as close as possible to their natural state. Existing trees were protected and left in place to shield the building from the sun and curious passers-by.


125m2 + 50m2



photos: Tiia Ettala

© 2018 Mer Architects Oy
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