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Helsinki Vessel Aila


The fully solar powered Helsinki Vessel Aila is designed by boatbuilder Antti Kurkela. The deck structure was designed as a collaboration with Antti Kurkela and architects Samuli Woolston (ALA Architects) and Julia Hertell (Mer Architects). The boat is made of plywood and the stern is covered in twelve flexible solar panels. The bow has a cabin for two, which receives plenty of light through a pyramid shaped glass roof.



Boat length: 9,7 m

Boat weight: 950 kg

Maximum speed: 8 knots

Battery: 11 kWh

Solar panels: 1,2 kWh


Team members:

The structure planning and technical solutions: Helsinki Vessel, Antti Kurkela

Construction: Helsinki Vessel, Antti Kurkela

Deck structure design: Samuli Woolston, ALA Architects and Julia Hertell, Mer Architects

Båtnytt 12/2018

Venelehti 9/2018

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