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Located on a sensitive coastal site in the Kemiö archipelago in Finland, a set of buildings consisting of a sauna, shed and main building creates a forest getaway for a family of four. There is a road connection  to the remote location that leads to a parking area enclosed by a natural stone wall. Compass points, views from the site and the rocky terrain have strongly influenced the placement and design of the buildings. The aim was to preserve as many of the surrounding trees as possible.

The main building and sauna are constructed of cross-laminated timber frames, whereas the shed is a wooden frame structure. The holiday home has a machine seamed metal roofing and the sauna has a four sided pitched green roof. The sauna building has a brick fireplace and a plastered brick wall surrounds the sauna stove and water heater. All the facades of the buildings have been painted with a traditional black paint. The terraces are constructed of larch tree.


Kemiö, Finland

Main building: 120 m²

Sauna: 25 m²

Shed: 9 m²


Team members: Julia Hertell, Jenni Hölttä, Anna Kontuniemi and Kaisa Riippi

Photos: Marc Goodwin/ Archmospheres

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