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Museum and science center in Oulu, Finland

International architectural competition organized by the city of Oulu

Upper class

The objective is to construct a new building for the museum and science center in Oulu that is architecturally of a high standard and meets the requirements of the needs of a modern museum. The aim is also to create an attractive museum center and increase the value and comfort of the area.

Architectural design: Mer Architects in collaboration with Talli Architects


Team members:

Mer Architects: Jenni Hölttä, Julia Hertell, Kaisa Riippi, Annina Ruuhilahti and Felipe Diaz

Talli Architects: Minna Lukander, Mari Mannevaara, Tiina Juuti and Riitta Tuomisto

Landscape design: Sarianna Salminen

Structural engineering: Juhani Pentinmikko

Fire engineering design: HPI Insinöörit & Jere Sulkamo

Exhibition design: Timo Kiukkola

Visualisations: Tiina Juuti, Talli Architects

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