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Private house

The design of a private house in a culturally and historically rated area started with the premise of planning a modern building of a high standard architecturally that references historical villa architecture in a new way and fits into the surrounding historical milieu. An important aspect that influenced the design was the area plan stating that all new buildings should be subordinate to a historically valuable villa in the area. 

The concept derives on the one hand from the playfulness of the national romantic style and on the other hand the building methods of the same era: massive wood construction, natural materials, and natural ventilation. The buildings are constructed of clt-elements and have an assisted natural ventilation system. The natural material palette continues in the interior spaces with clay plastered and painted walls, wooden windows and bespoke wooden furniture.

The main building has two stories, a rectangle shaped plan and a mansard shaped roof. The entrance, housekeeping, and the common spaces such as the living room and dining room are located on the ground floor. Whereas the bedrooms and bathrooms are located one floor up. The facades are clad in timber panelling and painted in a light shade with linseed oil paint. The mansard roof with its pointy ceiling lanterns is clad in galvanized sheet metal, as are the roofs of old traditional villas.


The sauna building next to the main house has a red painted timber cladding referencing the other historical backyard houses in the area.



Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland



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